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How many pictures will we receive?

This all depends on the package you are willing to purchase. To give an idea:
For sessions: Approximately 25 - 30 images
For Weddings: Estimated around 100 per hour
Each wedding/session is accompanied by a fully edited digital gallery for clients to share images, download or purchase prints.

How should we dress for our family session?

However makes you feel comfortable!
My only recommendation is to avoid too many patterns. Choose a color that will help you stand out from your background. Obviously, don't choose dark green to go into the forrest. You may just look like a bush! We don't want that.

What happens once we book a wedding?

Weddings involve a lot of planning and changes as time goes on. Once you book your wedding package. We will set up a client call. This is to go over any important details and to get the ball rolling. Closer to the date, we will have a timeline meeting. Then, next thing you know, your BIG day is here!

Location Recommendations?

I always have location recommendations, but let me ask you. What is fitting to you? Is there a place that is significant to you and your family? Where did you and your significant other meet? Do you enjoy the beach, the city or the woods?

Favorite time to photograph?

GOLDEN HOUR! Though I understand sunset is not always an ideal time. We can adapt to whatever lighting we can get. The runner up for me is actually sunrise! Equally as beautiful and more for our early risers.

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

Right after feeding. Before or after nap. We don't want a fussy newborn. Feeding time typically calms our little ones down. Before or after nap, they are starting to become sleepy or are well rested.